Communications guidelines
Communications guidelines
  • Style guide [PDF]: The VCU editorial style guide ensures that all VCU websites and publications maintain consistency in nomenclature, capitalization, punctuation, and other grammar. The university’s website, alumni magazines and other materials for external audiences all follow the Associated Press, or AP, style.
  • Branding guidelines: The VCU brand standards guide is available for VCU faculty, staff, or student use. Please read the guidelines before using any files; any representation of the VCU brand must adhere to these guidelines.
  • Press protocol [PDF]: The SOE press protocol is available for SOE faculty and staff. Please read the guidelines before communicating to members of the media, whether they are internal or external to VCU.
  • Tips for working with the media [PDF]: A collection of helpful tips on preparing for media interviews.
  • Freedom of Information Act requests: If you receive a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) request, please contact the School of Education director of human resources and director of communications immediately. These requests are time sensitive and require a response within five business days.
  • Social media guidelines [PDF] Following these social media guidelines will ensure that your social media presence is in compliance with the VCU social media standards and that it best represents the School of Education.
  • Photography/videography guidelines [PDF]: Please read before using photography/video for marketing purposes or before photographing/videotaping an event.
  • Signature guidelines [PDF]: Please adhere to the signature guidelines for your SOE email account.
  • External sponsorships: All SOE requests for external sponsorships, advertising and endorsements must adhere to VCU policy and be submitted for review and approval by the vice president for University Relations. Fill out the VCU brand standards request forms early in your process.
  • Advertising policy [PDF]: Guidelines and regulations for advertising in Oliver Hall.