Alumni and donors
Make It Real Campaign for VCU

VCU and the School of Education recently entered into the largest fundraising campaign in the university's history — the Make it Real Campaign for VCU.

For this campaign, the School of Education has set the ambitious goal of raising $7.5 million before the campaign concludes on June 30, 2020. We're happy to say that we are already well over halfway to our target.

Our progress

$ 7.5M

We plan to use this money to strengthen three key areas:

Transforming people

  • Increase the number of endowed scholarships by more than 60 percent (from 40 scholarships to 65)
  • Establish graduate fellowships in high-need areas, such as literacy, STEM, urban education and special education
  • Increase the number of doctoral assistantships available to support our Ph.D. students’ research
  • Establish professorships and chairs in critical areas, including autism education, urban education, STEM education and school counseling
  • Establish endowments to help address key issues in Richmond-area public schools
  • Support lecture series that bring world-renowned experts to VCU for special presentations

Transforming communities

  • Develop innovative teacher preparation and professional developments opportunities for our students
  • Advance applied research that is innovative, impactful and multidisciplinary
  • Create a community urban education task force to ensure that the public’s voice and needs are at the forefront of our decision-making

Transforming classrooms

  • Developing and sharing innovative educational products, such as digital applications and 3-D printed artifacts
  • Providing the tools and resources necessary to push our students to become innovators in the field of education

Stories from the campaign trail

The Make it Real Campaign for VCU aims to impact and involve everyone at VCU: from students and faculty to alumni and community friends. Here are some of the stories we've heard along the way: