Ph.D. in Education, Counselor Education and Supervision Concentration

Pic for Ph.D. in ed, couns ed and sup concentrationThe Ph.D. in Education’s Counselor Education and Supervision concentration is a CACREP-accredited doctoral program and is a 52-credit hour program designed to prepare students for careers as counselor educators, counselor supervisors, researchers and leaders in the counseling profession.

Prerequisite courses include 48 hours of CACREP-accredited master’s counseling coursework (or curricular and clinical experiences equivalent to the CACREP entry level standards), and a master’s level statistics course (which can be taken during the doctoral program).

Mission statement

The mission of the counselor education and supervision Ph.D. program is to prepare critically reflective counselor educators,counselor supervisors, scholars and leaders in the counseling profession. With a focus on leadership and advocacy, students graduate with knowledge and application of advanced counseling and crisis theories, supervision theories, pedagogical theories, research methodology and measurement skills, and program evaluation. Their professional identity as a professional counselor acts as a foundation in their development as a counselor educator and supervisor.

Program objectives

  • Students will demonstrate professional leadership and identity through curricular and co-curricular experiences.CACREP Accredited Logo
  • Students will learn and apply teaching theory and demonstrate this knowledge in professional teaching experiences.
  • Students will learn and apply advanced counseling theories and demonstrate this knowledge and skills through professional counseling practice.
  • Students will learn and apply supervision theories and demonstrate this knowledge and skills through professional supervision practice.
  • Students will learn research methods and design and demonstrate this knowledge through application in supervised settings.
  • Students will continue to gain multicultural competence and demonstrate this through advocacy and social justice.
Full-time Student Schedule
Part-time Student Schedule