Martinique A. Sealy

Ph.D. Student, School of Education
Program Area: Educational Psychology

Headshot for 2022 of Martinique A. Sealy, VCU Holmes Scholar.Education

  • Ph.D. Educational Psychology, Virginia Commonwealth University (expected August 2023)
  • M.A.E. Special Education, 2019, American University
  • B.S. Psychology, 2016, Loyola University New Orleans

Line of Research

Integrating students’ ecologically based Funds of Knowledge (FoK) with educational knowledge, specifically scientific language and knowledge, to critically impact Historically Marginalized BIPOC (Black, Indigenous, and People of Color), multilingual, and low-income students’ achievement, belonging, and engagement which in turn will foster their development, critical consciousness, and overall independence.

Research and Scholarship

Acar, I. H., Celik, M. V., Rudasill, K. M., & Sealy, M. A., (2021). Preschool Children’s Self-Regulation and Learning Behaviors: The Moderating Role of Teacher-Child Relationship. Child and Youth Care Forum.

Bae, C. L., Mills, D., Zhang, F., Sealy, M., Cabrera, L., & Sea, M. (2021). A systematic review of scientific discourse in urban K12 classrooms: Accounting for individual, collective, and contextual factors. Review of Educational Research. 91(6). 831-877.

Bae, C. L., Sealy, M. A., Cabrera, L., Gladstone, J., & Mills, D. (2022). Hybrid Discourse Spaces: A Mixed Methods Study of Student Engagement in US Science Classrooms. Contemporary Educational Psychology, 71, 102108.

Gray, D. L., Ali, J. N., McElveen, T. L., Sealy, M. (2022). The Cultural Significance of "We-Ness": Why Communal Approaches are Essential to the Design of Equitable Learning Environments. Educational Psychology Review.

Rudasill, K. M., Reichenberg, R. E., Eum, J., Barrett, J., Yoo, J., Wilson, E., & Sealy, M. (2020). Promoting higher quality teacher-child relationships: The INSIGHTS intervention in rural schools. International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health (Special Issue: Mental Health of Children and Young People), 17, 9371.

Sealy, M. A., Rudasill, K. M., Barrett, J. S., Eum, J., Adams, N., Hinrichs, A., & McClowry, S. (2021). Temperament in the Early Elementary Classroom: Implications for Practice. In Hernandez-Serrano, M. J. (Eds), Teacher Education in the 21st Century - Emerging Skills for a Changing World. London: IntechOpen. http://10.5772/intechopen.96270

Wilson, E., Eum, J., Joo, Y., Sealy, M. A., Barrett, J. S., Nugent, G., Carraher, J., Hinrichs, A. (2022). Rural Parent's Experiences of Stress and Resilience During the COVID-19 Pandemic and School Closure. Online Journal of Rural Research & Policy. 17( 2).

Bae, C., Matewos, A., Cabrera, L., & Sealy, M. (manuscript in progress). Coding discourse in science classrooms: Re-imagining productive disciplinary engagement in hybrid spaces.

Gladstone, J.R., Bae, C., Cabrera, L., Sealy, M., & Hayes, K. (in prep). Different opportunities to participate in science and their relationship to elementary student engagement.

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Sealy, M., Bae, C. L., Hogan Rapp, E. (manuscript editing and final drafting). Language, race, and science discourse: A systematic literature review. Learning, Culture, and Social Interaction, IF: 2.059, ranking it 155 out of 264 in Education & Educational Research

Sealy, M., Eum, J., Joo, Y., Rudasill, K. M. Barrett, J. (data analysis in progress). A Critical Mixed Methods Analysis of Historically Minoritized Students’ Interactions, Behaviors, Social Emotional Development, and Academic Achievement in Rural Midwestern Classroom Contexts. Multicultural Identities in Context - Journal of Community and Applied Social Psychology

Sealy, M., Bae, C. L. (manuscript editing and final drafting). Leveraging Black American Student Academic Experience by Incorporating Their Funds of Knowledge: A Systematic Literature Review. Review of Research in Education.


Martinique Sealy is a fourth-year Educational Psychology doctoral student and AERA Division C Junior Chair. Her research interests include PK-12 grades, minoritized youth, and the integration of culturally-relevant pedagogy. Her current research focuses on students’ funds of knowledge [specifically identity, culture, and language] and creating asset-based classroom contexts to foster student academic achievement. She began her career as an elementary school teacher, has a bachelor of science degree in psychology, as well as a masters of arts degree in special education.

What does the Holmes Scholars Program mean to you?

Holmes Scholars is an opportunity that will allow me to network with like minded individuals from mine as well as other universities in order to discuss and collaborate about social justice, equity, and inclusion for minoritized populations within our education system. Holmes Scholar is also an opportunity to learn from others and continue to improve my research skills in order to prepare me for a job in academia. I look forward to learning more about how I can participate in and gain from Holmes Scholar opportunities.

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