Michelle Adrianne Carter Hicks

Ph.D. Student, School of Education
Program Area: Special Education and Disability Policy
VCU Holmes Scholars Program

Headshot of Michelle Hicks, VCU Holmes Scholar in 2022.Education

  • Ph.D. in Special Education and Disability Policy, Virginia Commonwealth University (August 2023)
  • Master of Science in Education: Teaching Reading, Old Dominion University (December 2007)
  • Bachelor of Science in Psychology, Hampton University (May 1995)

Line of Research

My line of research centers on improving the post-secondary outcomes for students with lindness and visual impairments. I examine how improving the skills of pre- and in-service teachers of the visually impaired will help produce better post-secondary outcomes.

Research and Scholarship


  • Thoma, C.A., Bruno, L., Hobson, J., Taylor, J.P., Scott, L.A., Grillo, M., Hicks, M., & Frazier, R.P. (2022). Development of an online training module to support special educators in implementing a universal design for transition framework. Creative Education, 13, 2321-2339. https:doi.org/10.4236/ce.2022.137148.
  • Wojcik, A, Hicks, M., Scott, L., Thoma, C.A., Bowman, R., Howard, R. (2022) A comparison of special education licensure program and across racial categories. Teacher Education and Special Education. https://doi.org/10.1177/08884064221119166
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  • Wild, T., Herzberg, T., & Hicks, M.A.C. (In press). An examination of early intervention services during the covid-19 pandemic. Journal of Visual Impairment.

Book Chapter

  • Powell, C., Scott, L., Oyefuga, E., Dayton, M., Pickover, G., & Hicks, M. (2022). COVID-19 and the special education teacher work force. In D.T. Marshall (Ed.)., COVID-19 and the classroom: How schools navigated the great disruption.** Lanham, MD: Lexington Books.
    Thoma, C.A., Hicks, M.A.C., Hobson, J., Williams-Diehm, K, Schutznab, D. (In press). Culturally sustaining universal design for transition approach to individualized education planning.


Michelle Adrianne Carter Hicks is a current doctoral student in the special education and disability policy program at the Virginia Commonwealth University School of Education. She received her master’s degree in education from Old Dominion University. Michelle holds her teaching certifications in the areas of specific learning disabilities, specific emotional disabilities. She earned her bachelor’s degree at Hampton University. Previously, she worked as a special education teacher in public schools in Maryland and Virginia for 25 years.

What does the Holmes Scholars Program mean to you?

The Holmes Scholars program is about connections to me. I do not mean in the typical world view of connection; I am referring more to the feeling of not being alone. The Bible says that when you walk with someone else, you are fortunate because if you fall there is someone there to help you up. Over the last year, I have fallen a great deal and the ones I have turned to are my fellow Holmes scholars and our Advisor. They have helped me stand back up and regain my footing. I will be forever blessed to have the connections to my VCU Holmes family.

Curriculum Vitae