Moe Debbagh Greene

President, VCU Holmes Scholars Program

Headshot of Moe Debbagh Greene, a VCU Holmes Scholar.


  • Ph.D. in Education
    • Dissertation study: A Quantitative Analysis of the Relationship between Dispositions and Technological Knowledge of English Language Teachers
    • Chair: Dr. Monty Jones
      • Dissertation Chair: William Jones, Ph.D.
  • M.Ed. in Curriculum and Instruction: Instructional Technology, Virginia Commonwealth University – Richmond, VA, May 2015.
  • Ph.D. in Languages, Cultures and Communication, Mohamed I University – Oujda, Morocco, December 2014.
  • M.A. (DESA) in Humanities and Area Studies: Discourse Studies (Linguists/ EFL), Mohamed I University – Oujda, Morocco, January 2007.

Line of Research

My research interest is in instructional technology. I examine how the intersection of noncognitive factors such as self-efficacy, beliefs, dispositions and race with emerging technologies impact teacher’s knowledge development and student learning outcomes, positively addressing digital and behavioral skills gaps.

Research and Scholarship

  • Schad, M., Greene, M.D., & Jones, W. (in Press). A review of theory, theoretical and conceptual frameworks in educational technology. Journal of Educational Multimedia and Hypermedia (JEMH).
  • Greene, M.D., & Jones, W. (2020). Analyzing contextual levels and applications of technological pedagogical content knowledge (TPACK) in English as a second language subject area: A systematic literature review. Educational Technology & Society, 23 (4), 75-88.
  • Greene, M.D., & Jones, W. (2020). Towards a critical conceptual framework for technology integration in professional development for English language teachers. Journal of Educational Multimedia and Hypermedia (JEMH), 29 (2), 113-132.
  • Greene, M.D., & Jones, W. (2020). Implications of technological instructional practices for English as a second language vocabulary learning. International Journal on E-Learning, 19 (3), 209-228.
  • Greene, M.D., & Jones, W. (2018). Examining English language teachers’ TPACK in oral communication skills teaching. Journal of Educational Multimedia and Hypermedia (JEMH), 27 (1), 43-62.
  • Greene, M.D. (2012). Discourse analysis of the representations of women in Moroccan broadcast news. The Journal of North African Studies, 17 (4), 653-670.


Moe Debbagh Greene is the Associate Director of English Language Program, Global Education Office, Virginia Commonwealth University. He is currently a doctoral student in the Curriculum, Culture and Change program at VCU. He completed his Ph.D. abroad in “Languages, Cultures and Communication,” and he earned a Master’s degree in Curriculum and Instruction: Instructional Technology from VCU. He is a Fulbright recipient who has a record of significant and productive leadership in the areas of English language program management, accreditation, assessment, curriculum, teaching and learning. He works with both faculty and students to invest in programs that maximize the educational experiences of all students. His research interests include instructional technology,  teacher’s technological, pedagogical and curricular knowledge development and the impact of emerging technologies on student learning outcomes.

What does the Holmes Scholars Program mean to you?

The Holmes Scholars program has provided me with the resources and opportunities to attend conferences and develop my research ideas in a community of researchers, faculty, and students in the field of education. Networking events organized by the Holmes Scholars program facilitated my access to mentoring opportunities and participation in workshops and research initiatives. The program’s commitment to continuous improvement and on-going professional development have no doubt positioned me to make intentional decisions about my career and research path.

Curriculum Vitae