Tanya Wineland

Ph.D Student, School of Education
Expected Graduation: May 2026
Program Area: Educational Psychology

Headshot for 2022 of Tanya Wineland, VCU Holmes Scholar.Education

  • Ph.D. in Educational Psychology (May 2026), Virginia Commonwealth University
  • M.S. in Academic Advising, Kansas State University
  • B.F.A. in Theatre-Performance, Virginia Commonwealth University

Line of Research

My research is in the area of college transfer student success, and I examine how help-seeking behaviors and meaningful academic experiences improve post-transfer achievement, positively addressing graduating rates.

Selected Research and Scholarship

Wineland, T. (2019, March). Cultivating dual resilience: Teaching shame recovery and image rebuilding through academic advising. Academic Advising Today, 42(1). https://tinyurl.com/acadvtoday2019421

Nicolai, K. D., Garries, R., *Berry, D. N., *Braxton, D., *Meekins, D., *Taylor, M. L., *Wallace, M. K., *Walls, K. H., *Wineland, T., & Koenka, A. C. (2022, August). Evidence-based practices for teaching human development guided by theory and personal experience. Symposium presented at the Annual Meeting of the American Psychological Association. Minneapolis, MN.

Taylor, M. L., Berry D. N., *Delay, K., *Banjade, V., *Joy, J., *Nicolai, K. D., *Ross, E., *Sekhon, N., *Wineland, T., and Zumbrunn, S. K. (2022, March) Pathways to belonging and engagement: Testing a tailored social belonging intervention for university students. Co-presented poster at Virginia Commonwealth University School of Education Research Colloquium. Richmond, VA.

(* indicates equal contribution)


SDV 100 - College Success Skills; Germanna Community College, Fall 2019
The course explored the science and nature of learning across academic, career, and life-long pursuits.


Tanya Wineland is entering her second year as a doctoral student at Virginia Commonwealth University’s School of Education in the Educational Psychology program. Tanya is installed as a senior academic advisor at VCU School of Business where the undergraduate transfer student population has a substantial presence. Through writing and research, Tanya is interested in centering the narratives of multiply marginalized undergraduate transfer students and exploring their motivations and experiences. Her research aims to further the conversation on emerging transfer student identities in the educational psychology and academic advising fields.

What does the Holmes Scholars Program mean to you?

As a first-generation student of mixed-racial heritage and former transfer student, I bring who I am to the scholarship. Feeling safe being my authentic self in a collaborative environment is a priority and a treasure, which I find in the Holmes Scholars program. Holmes offers a navigable path to a meaningful career in academia working alongside incredible researchers, attending professional development events, and engaging in regular mentorship while deepening commitment to scholarship. I am honored to be a VCU Holmes Scholar.

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