School of Education Strategic Plan


Fall 2018 Strategic Planning Timeline

The School of Education is currently going through a comprehensive strategic planning process. This new strategic plan will move our vision for the school forward while connecting our path to the new VCU strategic plan. Please visit this page for regular updates.

Strategic Planning Committee

  • Dr. Stephanie Bassett, Peter Paul Development Center
  • Risha R. Berry, Ph.D., Educational Leadership Department
  • Diana Burkett, Office of Strategic Communications and Enrollment Management
  • Jason C. Chow, Ph.D., Counseling and Special Education Department
  • Jared Crist, Ph.D student
  • Katherine P. Dabney, Ph.D., Teaching and Learning Department
  • Andrew P. Daire, Ph.D., Dean
  • Serra T. De Arment, Ph.D., Counseling and Special Education Department
  • Tomika L. Ferguson, Ph.D., Educational Leadership Department
  • Amanda Hall, Ph.D., Office of Strategic Engagement
  • Danise Harmon, Office of Finance
  • Mary A. Hermann, J.D., Ph.D., Counseling and Special Education Department
  • Joan Rhodes, Ph.D., Teaching and Learning Department
  • Kurt Stemhagen, Ph.D., Foundations of Education Department
  • Colleen Thoma, Ph.D., Associate Dean for Academic Affairs and Graduate Studies
  • Leah Walker, Virginia Department of Education

Strategic Planning Subcommittees and Leads

  • Student Success - Jared Crist and Dr. Tomika L. Ferguson
  • National Prominence - Dr. Jason C. Chow and Dr. Risha R. Berry
  • Urban Transformation - Leah Walker and Dr. Joan Rhodes
  • Diversity Driving Excellence - Dr. Stephanie Bassett and Dr. Serra T. de Arment

Strategic Planning Themes

  • Student success
  • National prominence
  • Collective urban and regional transformation
  • Diversity driving excellence

Important Readings

We have identified some important readings that will be helpful to those participating in this process: