Noyce Scholars
McLane Grow

McLane Grow headshot


Before becoming a resident with RTR, I spent two years working as an outdoor educator in Colorado.

Why do you want to teach?
To provide an educational environment that fosters intrinsic motivation and to help students better themselves so they can, in return, better society as a whole.

Please tell us about a memorable teaching experience and why it stands out in your mind.
When I was working as an outdoor educator, I was fortunate enough to work with kids in multiple outdoor disciplines (backpacking, mountain biking, etc.). A memorable moment I have from being an outdoor educator is providing the opportunity for kids to explore their sense of wonder. Nature is a powerful thing and can truly impact a child's outlook on life.

What has the Noyce program meant to you?
Noyce serves as a wonderful resource for any science educators. Having a supportive community outside the classroom is very helpful. Also, being a part of Noyce allows for insightful collaboration with other science educators.