Noyce Scholars
Peter LaBarr

Shannon Fasing headshot

M.T., mathematics education

Undergraduate major
Mathematics: secondary education

While I don't have experience directly with teaching a classroom, I have been actively tutoring and assisting my peers in their classes since I came here to VCU.

Why do you want to teach?
Teaching is one of the few jobs that I really see as noble, and could see it being very rewarding. I have strong feelings about education and think that it is a fundamental part of a successful and long-living society.

Please tell us about a memorable teaching experience and why it stands out in your mind.
My most memorable teaching experience would have to be from my Calculus 2 teacher, Coleman Hall. I really like how he broke problems down, and related easily to his students without sacrificing professionalism.

What has the Noyce program meant to you?
Noyce to me is a way for me to get through the rest of my schooling without worrying much about finances. I can concentrate on getting my degree. It is also giving me the opportunity to potentially do greater good by dedicating myself to working within higher-needs districts.