Noyce Scholars
Dana Lockhart

Dana Lockhart headshot

M.T., math education

My background is primarily in mathematics, having studied pure math in undergrad and working in finance and accounting for five years. I have also served two years in AmeriCorps, working with at-risk youth in multiple cities across the country.

I currently co-teach sixth-grade math at Elkhardt-Thompson Middle School.

Why do you want to teach?
I love mathematics and believe strongly in contributing to my community. I have seen that when students learn problem solving skills in mathematics they not only gain confidence, but set high goals for themselves and become successful in all other areas of life.

Please tell us about a memorable teaching experience and why it stands out in your mind.
As a new teacher, every day has been extremely memorable. I have found that each student brings something very unique and special to the table, and I am constantly surprised about how much they are able to teach me.

What has the Noyce program meant to you?
The NOYCE program has provided me with a great network of like-minded teachers who love math just as much as me. I am excited about networking and learning as much as I can from those around me.