Education Alumni Council

The School of Education Alumni Council has historically focused on providing leadership, services, and activities for alumni and the larger university. The council is organized to:

  • Advance the cause of education
  • Stimulate and maintain professional relationships between the School of Education and its alumni
  • Promote an awareness, understanding and support of the School’s goals, progress, and needs
  • Embrace the larger purposes of the VCU alumni organization

A letter from the president:

Headshot of Kimberly Ogden, president of the VCU School of Education's Education Alumni Council.
Kimberly M. Ogden, president,
Education Alumni Council

Dear Fellow Alumni,

As the newly elected president, I am excited for this moment to reach out to our alumni and share our cursory plans for the coming year. We plan to host several events and would invite you to join us to watch a game, explore some of the local breweries, or perhaps get involved, at the ground level, in a mentoring initiative being considered by the council. What better way to foster the professional growth of a fellow educator than to become a mentor? Our profession is one that fosters student growth from the early years into adulthood, and your expertise can be priceless, if offered to an aspiring educator. Let us know if you would like to more information.

I would also invite you to become involved in our programming efforts by joining the Alumni Council or the Friends of the School of Education. We would welcome your ideas and input. Do networking events interest you? How about professional development opportunities? Please be in touch with the Development and Alumni Relations office, if you are interested in learning more about either.


Signature of Kimberly Ogden, president of the VCU School of Education's Education Alumni Council

Kimberly M. Ogden
(B.A. ’94, M.Ed. ’10, Ed.D. ’14)
President, School Of Education Alumni Council