K-12 Curriculum Mapping

The Virginia Commonwealth University School of Education proposes to create a Statewide K-12 Curriculum Map of blended learning resources (combining onsite student learning experiences and online learning) as a resource for Virginia school districts focused on culturally responsive practices and pedagogy. Master educators across the state will create and review targeted online open educational instructional resources using mutually agreed upon rubric tools (per discipline/grade band) as aligned to the Virginia Standards of Learning with the purpose of creating thematic content modules across desired grade levels. The focus for Year One will be on high school biology, 8th grade science and 5th grade science.

The proposed model consists of educational practitioners building upon the Open Educational Resources (OER) platform already established by the Virginia Department of Education (VDOE), augmenting as appropriate to create coherent units that will incorporate educative materials alongside thematic lessons for teachers (where products exist already online). This will facilitate a higher level of fidelity for classroom implementation focused on culturally relevant pedagogical strategies to include products such as anonymous samples of student work and teacher tips for integration with diverse audiences (e.g., ELL). When educational technology is embedded or linked to lessons and units, attention will be paid to accessibility for students with audio and visual impairments. This repository of resources will allow access for educators across the state for instructional preparation and remediation as needed.

"We are excited to support the Virginia Department of Education's OER effort. We will coordinate our efforts closely with Dr. Tina Manglicmot, director of STEM education at the VDOE who is leading the OER portal content acquisition project to ensure we avoid duplication of efforts, and leverage similar strategies and tools where applicable for efficiency and effectiveness," said Principal Investigator Dr. Al Byers.