School safety focus of inaugural Educational Law and Policy Symposium
Conference organizers Dr. Magill and Dr. Cowlbeck greet keynote speaker Ken Trump

Conference organizers Dr. Magill and Dr. Cowlbeck greet keynote speaker Ken Trump.

More than 50 teachers and school administrators attended the School of Education’s inaugural Educational Law and Policy Symposium, held May 17 in the VCU Student Commons.

Co-sponsored with the Virginia Department of Education, the event centered around the theme of “Maintaining Safe, Secure and Prepared Schools in the 21st Century.” Kenneth Trump, the president of the National School Safety and Security Services consulting firm.

Marc Dawkins presents in a breakout session titled "Casting Blame: Why Data Indicates Virginia Leads the Nation in School to Prison Pipeline and What We Are Doing About It"

In addition to the feature presentation, concurrent breakout sessions provided attendees the chance to discuss a variety of topics — such as crisis communications and social media strategies, policing in school, the evolving role of school resources officers, and sexual abuse in schools — in small group settings.

Session facilitators included Trump, the School of Education’s Dr. Charol Shakeshaft, and representatives from the Virginia Department of Education and the Virginia Center for School and Campus Safety, among others.

Attendees praised the symposium’s organization and facilities, and appreciated the insightful information they received throughout the event, such as updates on the governor’s initiatives.

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