Foundations of Educations degree programs

The Department of Foundations of Education offers a Ph.D. in education degree with two separate concentrations — educational psychology, and research and evaulation:

Ph.D. in education

About the educational psychology concentration

Designed for research-oriented doctoral students who want to study the success of students in educational environments, the educational psychology Doctoral students will integrate theory and research in the areas of developmental psychology, cognition, social psychology and motivation, assessment, exceptional learners, and diversity to better study learning in schools or school-like settings. Graduates are well prepared to teach in educational psychology and related programs at the university level; as well as take leadership positions in state and local research and policy environments.

The coordinator for the educational psychology concentration is Sharon K. Zumbrunn, Ph.D., who can be reached at (804) 827-2625 or For more information, please see our educational psychology concentration handbook [PDF], our list of frequently asked questions [PDF] or read the brochure highlighting our Ph.D. programs [PDF].

About the research and evaluation concentration

The research and evaluation concentration is designed primarily for individuals with responsibility for conducting research and evaluation projects in and for agencies and educational organizations. Emphasis is placed on developing proficiency in both quantitative and qualitative methods of inquiry, providing students with a breadth of methods to study varied educational and social research questions.

For more information about the research and evaluation concentration, please contact James H. McMillan, Ph.D., who can be reached at (804) 827-2620 or

You may also read the brochure highlighting our Ph.D. programs [PDF].