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Why participate?

Being part of the Teaching and Learning Mentorship Program is an excellent opportunity to network, develop new skills, share experiences and learn about yourself and diverse career options.

Benefits for junior mentees

For undergraduate students working toward Master of Teaching:

  • Build connections and a sense of community in the school
  • Get introduced to the meaning of “career” through mentors’ real life experiences
  • Find out about different professional fields and their requirements, expectations and practices
  • Outline personal goals and fulfill them
  • Effectively communicate interests, questions and aspirations
  • Practice networking in a safe and supportive environment
  • Gain confidence to experiment and learn from diverse experiences
  • Identify your next career building experience

Benefits for Senior Mentees

Get all of the above benefits, as well as:

  • Get introduced to the art of coaching and an opportunity to practice it
  • Give back to your Education community and strengthen community ties

Program expectations

The time commitment for the Teaching and Learning Mentorship Program is 8-12 hours over a six-month period (October-March). This time commitment typically includes attendance at social events, in-person meetings, and skype/email/phone communication.

Student Mentee Checklist

  • Complete and submit the Mentee Application before deadline September 30, 2018
  • Agree and abide by the Code of Conduct and the Mentoring Agreement
  • Attend Mentee workshop in October
  • Attend Kick-Off event in October
  • Initiate first contact with your mentor after Kick-Off event
  • Communicate with mentor a minimum of two times (one face-to-face meeting required)
  • Submit 2 assignments (goal-setting and reflection), due in November and February
  • Attend Year End Celebration in March
  • Complete and submit an online exit survey

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