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Why participate?

Being part of the Teaching and Learning Mentorship program is an excellent opportunity to network, develop new skills, share experiences, learn about yourself and explore diverse career options.

Benefits for mentors

  • Opportunity to self-reflect and share life lessons and stories
  • Contribute to the success and positive development of next generations of Education professionals
  • Develop, strengthen and role model your coaching skills
  • Join a group of mentors who share the similar values thereby increasing your professional networks
  • Expand job pool

Program expectations

The time commitment for the Teaching and Learning Mentorship Program is 8-10 hours over a five month period (January to May). This time commitment typically includes attendance at social events, in-person meetings, and skype/email/phone communication.

Mentor Checklist

  • Complete and submit Mentor application before deadline November 30, 2017
  • Agree and abide by the Code of Conduct and the Mentoring Agreement
  • Attend Mentor Orientation in January (optional)
  • Attend Kick-Off event in January
  • Assist mentees in developing personal goals and checking-in regarding progress
  • Communicate with your mentees at least two times over the academic year: through email, phone, skype, in-person meetings
  • Attend Year End Celebration in May
  • Complete an online exit survey

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