S. Brianne Morrison, Ed.S.

Senior Student Advisor, Student Services Center

S. Brianne Morrison, Ed.S.


  • B.S. in religion from Liberty University
  • M.A. in human services from Liberty University
  • Ed.S. in curriculum and instruction from Liberty University

Career highlights

  • University Academic Advising Board, Chair (208-2019)
  • Certificate of Merit, "Excellence in Advising: Primary Role" (2018, National Academic Advising Association, Region 2)
  • Presenter: "Diversity & Inclusion in Advising" (2018, National Academic Advising Association, Regional Conference, Poster Session)
  • Excellence in Advising: Primary Role Award, VCU University Academic Advising Board (2017)
  • Presenter (Co-Lead): "Diversity & Inclusion in the Advising Partnership" (2017, VCU University Academic Advising Board Conference)
  • Presenter (Lead): "Advising as Teaching: Assessing Student Learning Outcomes" (2015, National Academic Advising Association, Regional Conference)
  • Presenter: "Advising the Millennial Student" (2014, Liberty University Faculty In-service Training)


Brianne Morrison has an extensive history in higher education administration and student services. Her strength is in assisting students and families with navigating their way and persisting through higher education programs of study to reach personal and professional goals. Her areas of expertise include strategic goal setting, student development, career preparation and conflict resolution. Her personal advising philosophy is a blend of developmental and psycho-social theories that, in return, molds her practice of advising. Heavier on the developmental approach, she addresses student development needs in a holistic way characterized by a collaborative, casual approach. She approaches each advising session with a fresh perspective, granting all students the gift of acceptance and understanding, the ability to speak freely, the confidence to change their mind through the process of introspection and experience and support that leads to trusting the process of advising to help gain clarity for long-term and short-term goals.

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