Drs. Johnson, Zumbrunn selected as Faculty Fellows

Headshots of Dr. Kaprea F. Johnson and Dr. Sharon Zumbrunn, of the VCU School of Education.
Kaprea F. Johnson, Ph.D., and Sharon Zumbrunn, Ph.D.

Kaprea F. Johnson, Ph.D. and Sharon Zumbrunn, Ph.D., are among only five faculty members university-wide who have been selected as 2020-21 Faculty Fellows by the VCU Office of the Provost.

Johnson is an associate professor in the Department of Counseling and Special Education, and Zumbrunn is an associate professor in the Department of Foundations of Education. The 2020-21 Faculty Fellows were selected from a pool of qualified applicants and will assist in implementing key programmatic initiatives to support VCU’s faculty in content areas such as faculty development, peer mentoring, leadership development, and teaching and learning.

Johnson, who is serving as a Provost's Faculty Fellow for Faculty Recruitment and Retention for the second year, was excited to continue in the position.

“I am thrilled about the opportunities to co-create policies and practices that will continue the legacy of progressive practices and reform at VCU; as well as respond to future and current faculty needs,” she said.

Zumbrunn looks forward to promoting faculty success in ways that align with her research interests.

“I look forward to creating writing and instructional workshops, and to consulting with faculty on issues related to productivity and success, student engagement, student motivation and effective feedback," she said.

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