New associate professor of educational leadership joins SOE

Duane L. Ross, Ed.D., who has 26 years of teaching and leadership experience in diverse learning environments, joins us from Howard University.

Headshot of Duane L. Ross, Ed.D.
Duane L. Ross, Ed.D.

The VCU School of Education welcomes Duane L. Ross, Ed.D., as associate professor in the Department of Educational Leadership.

Ross joins SOE from Howard University in Washington, D.C., where he was an adjunct lecturer in educational leadership. He earned his doctoral degree in education administration and policy analysis from Howard University; his Education Specialist degree from The George Washington University in the district; his master’s degree in School Management and Administration from Trinity University, and his bachelor’s degree in political science from the University of the District of Columbia.

Ross was recognized for his outstanding leadership as a transformational school principal in 2005 while serving as principal of Abram Simon Elementary School in the district. He was also named Teacher of the Year in District of Columbia Public Schools for Ward 8 in 1996. He also served as a member of:

  • President Joe Biden's Education Steering Committee on Student Disproportionality in Disciplinary Policies in 2019-2020;
  • The Education Task Force on School/Community Relationships for Hillcrest Heights in the district in 2009; and
  • The Principal’s Roundtable Committee for District of Columbia Public Schools in 2006.

Ross' research interests include principal and leadership development, school climate and culture, rightsizing resources based on local school needs, dispelling and disrupting stereotypes, and wrap-around support for Title I and under-resourced schools and community and school partnerships.

Ross spent the past 15 years as an assistant principal in Montgomery County Public Schools and has held many leadership roles, including serving as an administrator developer in the county leadership development program, as well as the internship and clinical program coordinator for doctoral students at the Howard University School of Education.