SOE ranked #8 Best Online Grad Program by U.S. News

A student works at her laptop while listening to headphones, sitting at a table in Oliver Hall.

The VCU School of Education was recently ranked #8 in Best Online Graduate Education Programs by U.S. News & World Report.

The rankings are based on five general categories:

  • Student engagement with faculty, other students and prompt completion of degree (30%)
  • Services and technologies provided, including career guidance and financial aid resources (23%)
  • Expert opinion captured by surveying high-ranking academic officials in education (20%)
  • Faculty credentials and training that mirror campus-based programs (15%)
  • Student excellence, which implies a strong, ambitious student body that earns degrees judiciously (12%)

With 309 schools of education participating nationwide, only two Virginia schools of education ranked among this year’s top 50, with VCU being one of them.

“We are committed to accessibility of our programs by those near and far, working full time or part time, which is why we continue to focus on the development of online programs. And not only that – but ensuring the quality of the programs and engagement of the students enrolled by our nationally recognized faculty,” said Dr. Andrew Daire, dean of the School of Education. [Read more in this article from VCU NEWS.]

Now an annual tradition in academia, the U.S. News & World Report rankings have become the definitive list for assessing the nation’s top higher education programs. Each year’s rankings are compiled via a combination of quantitative measures, expert opinion and peer assessment data.

For more on VCU’s online program rankings, visit the U.S. News & World Report website. View the full list of online graduate programs of education here.

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