Website for provisionally licensed teachers launches today

The SPED Class Finder recommends programs and courses within the School of Education that can help fulfill licensure requirements.

A teacher and a student stand in front of the classroom.

Monday, August 23, 2021

The VCU School of Education is launching a new website August 23 that will help provisionally licensed teachers in Virginia identify courses within the school that will help them fulfill their licensure requirements.

Andrew J. Wojcik, Ph.D., alumnus, assistant professor at King’s College, and former assistant professor and coordinator in the Department of Counseling and Special Education, said that the online tool, known as the SPED Class Finder, is aimed at supporting teachers and school districts when identifying the path that best fits their current needs.

"This new tool, along with the Future Teacher Program Guide, is a one-stop resource to identify courses and recommended program options, and to walk current professionals through their next-step options to fulfill their licensure requirements," said Wojcik. "It is especially useful for school districts, current and future special education teachers, and general education teachers."

The new website consists of an eight-step process, generally taking 10-15 minutes, that results in a recommended degree program and courses at VCU based on each person’s specific needs.

The SPED Class Finder was developed by VCU’s Academic Learning Transformation Lab (ALT Lab) with funding from the 2020 Virginia Department of Education's (VDOE) Special Education Traineeship Grant. Districts, community partners, current and future provisionally licensed special education, general education teachers will have individualized support through our School of Education Enrollment Management team after learning more through this new tool. Contact for any questions regarding the tool and supporting future special education, general education teachers.