New MERC report examines teacher retention policies

SOE professors Castro, Hoffman, Becker and Naff.
Authors of the journal article examining teacher retention policies include Andrene Castro, Ph.D.; Adria Hoffman, Ph.D.; Jonathan Becker, J.D., Ph.D.; and David Naff, Ph.D. Not pictured are Peter Willis, Ph.D.; and Andy Kane.

A new report by the Metropolitan Educational Research Consortium (MERC), a center within the VCU School of Education, examines teacher retention policies at the federal, state and regional level; how these policies differ across MERC divisions; and presents recommendations for policy and practice.

The study was guided by three research questions:

  1. What teacher retention policies exist at the federal, state, and local levels?
  2. How are these policies structured at the state and local levels?
  3. How do teacher retention policies vary across MERC divisions?

The authors of the report are:

The MERC Teacher Retention Policy Report is part of the MERC Teacher Retention study, a research-practice partnership initiative designed to identify patterns of teacher retention in the MERC region and to determine the school and system-level factors driving them.

Castro, A., Hoffman, A., Becker, J., Naff, D., Willis, P., & Kane, A. (2022). Teacher Retention Policy Coherence: An Analysis of Policies and Practices Across Federal, State, and Division Levels. Richmond, VA: Metropolitan Educational Research Consortium.