Dr. Tefera featured in prestigious educational research review

Publication devoted to ‘Intersectionality in Education’

Headshot of Adai A. Tefera, Ph.D.

Adai A. Tefera, Ph.D.

Dr. Adai A. Tefera, assistant professor in the Department of Foundations of Education, co-authored "Intersectionality in Education: A Conceptual Aspiration and Research Imperative," the introduction to the 2018 volume of “Review of Research in Education.”

Tefera worked with her former Arizona State University colleagues Dr. Gustavo E. Fischman and Dr. Jeanne Powers on the introduction. The volume, titled “The Challenges and Possibilities of Intersectionality in Education Research,” features 12 essays highlighting research literature on the topic of intersectionality.

Intersectionality is often described using the metaphor of an intersection where two or more roads cross. When multiple categories of disadvantage – such as race, class and gender – converge at an intersection, it can leave certain individuals or groups unprotected and discriminated against.

The concept, introduced in 1989, has gained momentum recently due to reenergized political debates on issues such as race, gender, immigration and literature. As outlined in the introduction, Tefera sees intersectionality as a research imperative in education.

“With the essays in this volume, we wanted to begin a conversation about the importance of complexity as it relates to race, identity and other intersectional categories in education research,” Tefera said.

The introduction is available online for a limited time.