New Digital Playground expands opportunities for students and professors
3-D printouts in the IT Lab

Student projects created by the 3-D printer in the newly-renovated Digital Playground

The third floor of Oliver Hall just got a huge new addition. A new technology lab/workspace called the Digital Playground has opened its doors for students, faculty and staff.

Pam Moorehead, the director of information technology services, is thrilled for the lab's new launch this semester.

“We named these rooms the Digital Playground because that's what we want students to come in here and do: play,” she said.

"Incorporating technology into education is one of our main goals, and the best way to do that is to have the tools handy for everybody.” – Pam Moorehead

One of the main goals of this lab is to get students and professors more comfortable with all of the technology available in the educational community today.

“Incorporating technology into education is one of our main goals, and the best way to do that is to have the tools handy for everybody,” Moorehead said.

The lab also provides a huge benefit for SOE students who want to pursue a career in teaching.

“As a future teacher, you don’t know where you are going to end up,” Moorehead said. “You might be in a classroom with these tools, or none at all. The best way to prepare future teachers is to give them the technology tools they might encounter later after they graduate.”

This brand new workspace has plenty of equipment available to students and teachers, including iPads, laptops, smart boards, 3D printers and scanners. Students can check out the equipment for up to a week.

“Students can check out equipment anytime; there are no fees, just a policy that they sign,” Moorehead said.

A full list of items avaiable can be found on the Information Technology Services' webpage.

3-D printouts in the IT Lab

Students can also come into the Digital Playground to collaborate on projects. Group meetings in the lab allows access to all of the technology and space they may need.

Likewise, the lab provides a different and interactive environment for professors to hold classes. The lab’s moveable chairs and tables adapt for any way they want to set up their interactive classroom. The lab also has enough iPads and laptops for the whole class to follow along with professors on the technology of their choice.

“It’s an open door policy for everyone,” Moorehead said. “They can come in and work whenever they want. If they want to reserve a space, all they have to do is email me.”

The Digital Playground information technology lab is located in Oliver Hall, Room 3108. For more information about checking out items or reserving space, contact Pam Moorehead at