School of Education hosts Race, Ethnicity and Education Teach-in
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Race and ethnicity are important parts of ourselves and our societies. But what, exactly, do race and ethnicity have to do with education? What can educators, policymakers and parents learn by focusing on race and ethnicity? How can we improve education by paying attention to these issues?

These and other questions will be addressed during a teach-in held by the VCU School of Education during the week of Sept. 19.

In each School of Education class, instructors and students will consider questions of race and ethnicity relevant to the topic of the class. In this way, we can shift from seeing race and ethnicity as abstract ideas to seeing race and ethnicity as lived realities in schools and society.

For example, a class on social studies education might study effective ways of teaching Latin American history. A class on education policy might study initiatives that help students of different races succeed in college. A class on ethics might discuss how racism shapes public education and how educators can push back against racial inequality.

Additional relevant events will take place that week and will be open to the public. More information will be available on the VCU School of Education's calendar of events.

By addressing race and ethnicity directly, the School of Education will continue its tradition of posing important, often difficult questions and generating knowledge to build better schools and a better society.