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Welcome to the School of Education communications portal, a one-stop-shop for all your communications needs. This portal is designed for the use of VCU School of Education faculty, staff and students. For questions regarding the portal, contact

This form is reserved for VCU School of Education faculty to submit their recent peer-reviewed publications, both published and online first, to be added to the Research page on the School of Education website. The publication can be an article in a national-level peer-reviewed journal, a chapter in a book, or a book. The publication date must be from 2017 forward.

This form is reserved for VCU School of Education faculty and staff promoting VCU SOE related events. This form should be submitted at least 4 weeks ahead of the event. Once submitted, you will be contacted with any questions as well as for approvals of materials.

This form should be used by VCU School of Education faculty, staff and students to promote VCU SOE related content on social media outside of events. This form should be submitted at least 2 weeks ahead of the desired posting date.

Do you have news about your department, center, faculty members, students or alumni that you would like to share externally? A new grant? An award? An important appointment to a board/organization/council/association? A newsworthy event coming up that would be worth writing about? Submit by using this form.

Use this form if you have any changes to the SOE website. If you are a new faculty/staff member, please submit this form and email your CV to

This form is for use by SOE faculty and staff to request printed materials for their department. This form is not to be used for marketing of events, but for larger projects such as brochures, branding materials, etc.

This form should be completed by the department/center representative to assist the Office of Communications in developing the external search ad.

Use this link to view recent and past photos of various events. Please review our photography guidelines for additional information. Please upload all School of Education photographs to the Flickr account, or send along to a SOE communications staff member to do so.

Review VCU branding and style guidelines and other SOE policies (photography, signature, social media)

Access SOE logos and branded templates for all your communications needs.

Access SOE social media channels and VCU social media policies.