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Certificate in Autism Spectrum Disorder

The post-baccalaureate Certificate in Autism Spectrum Disorder prepares personnel to support individuals with autism spectrum disorder in the educational setting – from early intervention through adult services.

The certificate provides the wide range of competencies necessary for the provision of effective educational programming. Its course sequence enables personnel to develop comprehensive knowledge and experience in assessment, teaching strategies and curriculum development.

The certificate is geared toward teachers, potential teachers and related service personnel; it is, however, available to all professionals working in human services settings who wish to gain expertise in this area. All applicants must hold a bachelor’s degree in any area related to education, social work, psychology or human services.

Curriculum information

The Certificate in Autism Spectrum Disorder requires a minimum of 12 total graduate credit hours:

Degree requirements for the Certificate in Autism Spectrum Disorder »

Please keep in mind, however, that the exact course requirements may vary depending on when you matriculated into the program, so please consult your adviser or the program coordinator with any additional questions.

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