Prospective students

A student’s first stop for most questions is the SOE web site itself. Each program/master’s degree listed is discussed in great detail. Also, this site provides links to various forms, documents, and
other web sites that provide further information.

Important Detailed FAQs for Teacher Candidates Please read carefully if you are interested in becoming a teacher Click Here

General Graduate Studies Questions

  • When is the deadline for the graduate school application? 

    The deadline for spring semester is Oct. 1. The deadline for summer is February 1 and the deadline for fall is February 1. Check the deadline section of this web page for additional deadlines.

  • When do I apply for graduation?

    Deadlines for the graduation applications vary from semester to semester. Please check the VCU Graduate School website for current dates. Applications for graduation must be submitted during the semester you are planning to graduate. If requirements are not met during that semester, you have to reapply.

  • What happens if I need to take a leave of absence from the program?

    Students may take up to two (2) one-year leave of absences. Students need to contact their advisor about submitting a leave of absence request. Any change to the request (shortened or extended) needs to be cleared through the student’s advisor and department.

  • Will I still be considered if I take the GRE after the application deadline?

    If you have not taken or received scores for the GRE or MAT prior to the graduate application deadline, you can still submit; your application will be put on hold until all components are received.

  • What is an acceptable reference?

    We accept reference letters from anyone who can speak to your academic or professional abilities; professors/instructors (college level), supervisors, or co-workers. We may NOT use references from family, friends or clergy unless applicant is employed by a religious organization.

  • I’m a transfer student to VCU in the Extended Teacher Preparation program. Are you able to get my transcripts from the undergraduate department in which I’m studying?

    No, the Graduate School requires original, official transcripts. Undergraduate departments can only provide photocopies of transcripts; these are not accepted.

  • How long does the graduate application process take?

    For a completed application packet, the usual turnaround time for a decision is 8-10 weeks. If an application is missing any required components, it will delay the process further. Once all materials are received, the application can then be sent for review.

  • I have just been accepted to the School of Education but I am not able to start until the following semester, what should I do?

    A newly accepted student can defer their admission for up to one (1) year. For example, a student accepted for Spring 2011 can defer that admission as far as Spring 2012. If it is more than one (1) year, the student must reapply.

  • Where should I take a suggestion or concern? CLICK HERE