Financial aid

Financial aid is a critical part of the application process for many students. Many students combine scholarships, assistantships and loans to help support their education.

Sources of support


Visit our scholarships webpage to view a full list of scholarships available to students enrolled in a degree-seeking program.

A standard application packet for scholarship requires one original and two copies of the following documents:

  • School of Education online scholarship application
  • Two letters of recommendation – reference forms used for admission to graduate school are not accepted. One reference must be a faculty member from either the VCU School of Education or a previously-attended university.
  • Typed essay (see application instructions for more details)
  • Transcripts

Graduate assistantships

The School of Education offers competitive, merit-based graduate assistantships to support doctoral students and enrich their learning, research and teaching experiences. Incoming students, please include the application as part of your full application. For current students, please complete the form and submit it to the Graduate Office on the second floor of Oliver Hall.

Grant-funded graduate assistantships

Grant funding for specialized projects at times includes funding for graduate assistantships. A graduate assistant usually receives money toward things such as tuition, fees and a stipend, in exchange for work. To apply for these positions, students should contact the department chairs or the grant’s principal investigator.

Student employment

The School of Education provides hourly wage employment for undergraduate and graduate students. Pay is based on the federal minimum wage standards, but can vary depending on job requirements or the skill and experience levels of the student applicant. Positions available range from office receptionist to research assistant. The supervisor will work with the student employee to arrange a schedule that will allow for a reasonable course load during the day.

Some SOE and other VCU departments post student worker vacancies on VCU eJobs; VCU Career Services also posts vacancies and assists students in locating suitable employment.

Funding and innovative program opportunities for graduate students

The School of Education also offers funding and innovative program opportunities for graduate students.

Federal financial aid

Graduate students must be admitted into a Graduate program and enrolled in at least 5 credit hours of Graduate coursework to receive Federal financial aid. Once admitted, please review the Financial Aid website and loans page for questions about those funding sources.

Veteran aid

Thank you for your service. Please review the special Troops to Teachers financial assistance program and VCU Military Student Services for more information about the financial support available through these units.

Tuition and fees calculator

Part-time or full-time, in-state or out-of-state, tuition can vary for graduate students. Use the tuition and fees calculator to financially plan for your next academic goal.

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