Research Proposal Life Cycle - Actions

Research Development

  • Use ORFD as research incubator
  • Develop research questions
  • Explore networking opportunities
  • Identify VCU resources
  • Build research teams

Identify Funding

  • See ORFD to identify funding sources
  • Resources - Pivot, Canvas (SOE Research resources), ORFD weekly updates, VCU Office of Research
  • Consider internal and external sources

Proposal Preparation

  • Use ORFD for assistance
  • Reviewing agency guidelines (RFA)
  • Developing submission timeline
  • Reviewing proposal narrative
  • Developing budget
  • Preparing proposal for submission


  • Department chair notification (PI)
  • Obtain internal approval signatures (ORFD)
  • Obtain institutional approvals (OSP, IRB, COI)

Proposal Submission

  • Coordinate submission through ORFD with VCU Office of Sponsored Programs (OSP)
  • Verify submission to agency

Sponsor Review

  • Work with ORFD for agency post submission requests
  • Notify ORFD of sponsor communication (funded/notice of award; not funded)

Post Award

  • Work with ORFD, SOE Business Services, SOE HR, VCU OSP, VCU Grants and Contracts, for award setup
  • Work with SOE Business Services on accounting and financial matters
  • Review monthly budget reports from ORFD
  • Work with Business Services on project close out
  • Notify ORFD for close out assistance

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