Admission to Teacher Preparation

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Educator Preparation Resources and Guidelines

The School of Education has adopted a Gate system for our initial licensure programs to highlight the major transition points for the Educator Preparation Program (EPP) matriculation. There are five gates as checkpoints to ensure candidate success and program completion. Not all gates apply to all programs. Based on the candidate’s degree goals and origin of the undergraduate degree, candidates may complete some gates simultaneously.

Graphic of initial program transition gates, steps 1 through 5, flush right.Initial Program Transition Gates

**Note that this applies to students entering our programs from VCU. Students from all other institutions will complete the Graduate School M.T. Application first and then will work with our licensure team to apply to Teacher Preparation once you have a VCU student ID.

Applying to the Teacher Preparation Program (Gate 1)

Admission to the Teacher Preparation Program is a distinct and unique admission process, separate from admission to the University (degree programs such as B.S.Ed. or graduate Master of Teaching (M.T.) or Masters of Education (M.Ed.) in special education or counseling concentrations). Additional information can be found on the Gates 2-5 description page. Admission to the Teacher Preparation Program is the first gate that will provide entry and candidacy for our licensure program tracks.

The information below will provide an overview of the Teacher Preparation application process, prerequisite courses, tests, unique teaching area concentration requirements, program exit, and related licensure procedures (Gate 5). Based on a student’s past academic program and future licensure degree goals prerequisite courses and testing requirements may vary.

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