Christine Lee Bae, Ph.D.

Associate Professor, Foundations of Education

Christine Lee Bae, Ph.D.


  • Ph.D. in educational psychology, University of Florida
  • M.A.E. in educational psychology, University of Florida
  • B.S. in psychology, University of Florida

Research interests

Engagement, motivation, science teaching and learning, urban classroom contexts, mixed methods

Career highlights

  • Principal Investigator for the NSF CAREER (2019-24, $1mill, NSF DRL 1845048VCU News article
  • Principal Investigator for the VCU Presidential Research Quest Early Career Research Grant (2018-19, $50k)
  • Co-Principal Investigator for the NSF DRK12 Science Communities of Practice Partnership (SCOPP) (2018-22, $3.4 mill, NSF DRL 1418440) VCU News article
  • VCU School of Education Distinguished Junior Faculty Award (2018)
  • VCU Outstanding Early Faculty Award (2019)
  • Lab Director, Discourse and Learning Lab

Recent publications/projects

  • Bae, C.L., Mills, D.C., Zhang, F., Sealy, M., Cabrera, L., & Sea, M. (2021). A Systematic Review of Science Discourse in K–12 Urban Classrooms in the United States: Accounting for Individual, Collective, and Contextual Factors. Review of Educational Research
  • Hayes, K.N., Inouye, C., Bae, C.L., & Toven-Lindsey, B. (in press). Reciprocal learning in K12 professional development: Understanding faculty instructional change. Science Education.
  • Zhang, F.* & Bae, C.L. (in press). Motivational factors that influence student science achievement: A systematic literature review of TIMSS studies. International Journal of Science Education.
  • Redifer, J.L., Bae, C.L., & Zhao, Q. (in press). Self-efficacy and performance feedback: Impacts on cognitive load during creative thinking. Learning and Instruction.
  • Bae, C.L., & Lai, M. (2020). Opportunities to Participate (OtP) in science learning and student engagement: A mixed methods study. Journal of Educational Psychology, 112(6), 1128-1153.
  • Bae, C. L., DeBusk-Lane, M.*, & Lester, A.* (2020). Engagement profiles of elementary students in urban settings. Contemporary Educational Psychology, 62.
  • Bae, C.L., Hayes, K.N., & DeBusk‐Lane, M. (2020). Profiles of middle school science teachers: Accounting for cognitive and motivational characteristics. Journal of Research in Science Teaching, 57(6), 911-942.
  • Hayes, K.N., Bae, C.L., O'Connor, D., Seitz, J.C., (2020). Beyond funding: How organizational resources support science professional learning. American Journal of Education, 126(3).
  • Chow, J., Ekholm, E. *, & Bae, C. (2020). Relative contribution of verbal working memory and attention to child language. Assessment for Effective Intervention.
  • Bae, C.L., & DeBusk-Lane. (2019). Engagement profiles in middle school: Implications for motivation and achievement in science. Learning and Individual Differences, 74.
  • Bae, C.L., Therriault, D.J., & Redifer, J. (2019). Investigating the testing effect: Retrieval as a characteristic of effective study strategies. Learning and Instruction, 60, 206-214.
  • Bae, C.L., DeBusk-Lane, M., Hayes, K.N., & Zhang, F. (2018). Opportunities to Participate (OtP) in Science: Examining Differences Longitudinally and Across Socioeconomically Diverse Schools. Research in Science Education, 1-22.


Dr. Christine L. Bae’s research focuses on applying frameworks of cognition and motivation in educational psychology to understand science learning in complex classroom contexts. She has worked on several interdisciplinary STEM education projects that include studies of problem solving among college engineering students, middle school science teaching and learning in urban contexts, and secondary science teacher preparation. A related line of her research focuses on cognition in higher education, exploring topics such as strategies that promote meaningful learning among college students.

Bae teaches courses in human development across the lifespan, child development for inclusive education, educational psychology for secondary teachers, cognition and learning, and mixed methodologies in educational research.

Curriculum Vitae

(804) 828-1334