The Charles P. Ruch Award for Excellence in Teaching

The Charles P. Ruch Award for Excellence in Teaching honors Dr. Charles P. Ruch, a former provost and dean of the School of Education.

When Dr. Ruch left VCU in 1992 to become the president of Boise State University, the School of Education chose to honor him by creating a faculty award in his honor.

Dr. Ruch valued the traditional university faculty roles in the triad mission of teaching, scholarship and service. He emphasized that scholarship and service are important in a modern metropolitan research university. He mirrored these values in his work at VCU by teaching throughout his tenure as dean and provost.

Dr. Chang

Dr. Chi-Ning (Nick) Chang, winner of the 2023
Charles P. Ruch Award for Excellence in Teaching. 


Previous Recipients of the Charles P. Ruch Award

1993 Dr. James Hodges and Dr. John Seyfarth
1994 Dr. Judy Richardson
1995 Dr. Jennifer Kilgo
1996 Dr. Deborah Getty Dr. Jon Wergin
1997 Dr. Richard Gayle
1998 Dr. Andrew Beale
1999 Dr. Patricia Duncan
2000 Dr. John Van DeWalle
2001 Dr. Jack Schiltz
2002 Dr. Jill Fox
2003 Dr. Douglas Fiore
2004 Dr. Samuel Craver and Dr. Jon Wergin
2005 Dr. Joann Richardson
2006 Dr. John Rossi
2007 Dr. Loraine Stewart
2008 Dr. Mary Hermann
2009 Dr. Terry Carter
2010 Dr. William Muth
2011 Dr. Ronald Evans
2012 Dr. William Muth and Dr. Yaoying Xu
2013 Dr. Valerie J. Robnolt and Dr. James H. McMillan
2014 Dr. Katherine C. Mansfield and Dr. Carrie W. LeCrom
2015 Dr. Evelyn Reed and Dr. Abigail Conley
2016 Dr. Michael D. Broda and Dr. Robin R. Hurst
2017 Ms. Laura S. Domalik and Dr. LaRon Scott
2018 Dr. Yaoying Xu and Dr. Naomi Wheeler
2019 Dr. Ross Collin and  Dr. Hillary Parkhouse
2020 Dr. Monty Jones Dr. LaRon Scott
2021 Dr. Kevin Clay and Dr. Genevieve Siegel-Hawley
2022 Dr. Rachel F. Gómez and Dr. Kaitlin J. Hinchey
2023 Dr. Chi-Ning (Nick) Chang and Dr. David Saavedra