Rehabilitation Research and Training Center

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Director: Dr. Paul Wehman
Location: 1314 W. Main St., Richmond, Virginia 23284-2011
Phone: (804) 828-1851
Websites: and

Our Rehabilitation Research and Training Center aims to improve employment opportunities and quality of life in the workforce for individuals with disabilities.

In Virginia, the employment rate of working-age individuals with a disability is just 37 percent — 42 percent lower than the rate for those without disabilities.

To help those already in the workplace, as well as those looking for work, the RRTC offers training and technical assistance for both employees and employers.

The center also conducts research looking into improving employment outcomes for individuals with disabilities, and then shares its results with employers and state agencies. One recent study, for instance, examines how a more flexible, individualized job description, called customized employment, may help individuals with disabilities in the workplace.

Related units and projects within the RRTC include the Autism Center for Excellence, the School 2 Work internship program, and the Center on Transition Innovations. A full list of our projects is available on our website here.

Rehabilitation Research and Training Center mission

The purpose of the VCU-RRTC is to conduct advanced research, training, technical assistance, and dissemination activities specifically to improve the employment outcomes of individuals with physical disabilities.