Minority Educator Recruitment, Retention and Equity Center

Drs. Faith Wilkerson and LaRon Scott at the 2020 Teachers of Color Conference on the Monroe Park Campus of VCU.



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The Minority Educator Recruitment, Retention, and Equity Center (MERREC) is committed to leveraging resources and supports to VCU School of Education minoritized preservice and inservice educators of color. Our center focuses on four overarching goals:

  • Provide ongoing culturally-centered mentoring and induction support to improve the success of minoritized educators
  • Offer culturally-centered co-curricular experiences tailored to the academic and social interest and needs of minoritized educators
  • Administer financial program to support minoritized educators
  • Conduct research to improve the recruitment, supports, and retention of preservice and inservice educators of color

Mission Statement in Support of Equity for Educators of Color

The core mission and vision of MERREC is to improve society’s respect for minoritized educators. We are particularly interested in recruiting, supporting, and retaining minoritized educators of color. We acknowledge that inequity exists for educators of color in higher education, K-12 institutions, and communities in part due to systemic and structural racism that has deep roots in our nation’s education system. These inequities are exacerbated by the intersectionality of sociocultural identity markers, working conditions, societal conditions, and other factors that create additional hurdles and disparities that influence educational access and achievement for educators of color. At the MERREC, we believe equity is justice for all minoritized educators, especially our educators of color. We believe that correcting these deep-rooted injustices will improve the recruitment and retention pipeline for educators of color. We are committed through our advocacy and comprehensive supports to enrich the experiences of minoritized educators, particularly educators of color.

Meet Our Staff

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