Minority Educator Recruitment, Retention and Equity Center

Center DetailsA young teacher prepares to write on the blackboard in front of a classroom.

Executive Director: Dr. LaRon Scott
Program Director: Dr. Faith Wilkerson
Program Assistant: Christine Powell
Location: 1015 W. Main St., Room 4064B, Richmond, Virginia 23284-2011
Phone: (804) 828-8768
Email: fawilker@vcu.edu

The Minority Educator Center is a space designed to promote safety and equity; provide culturally-focused mentoring and induction support; provide co-curricular experiences; develop and implement a longitudinal data collection system that gathers background information on environmental factors which support recruitment and retention; and provide financial support for educators of color, including RTR residents. Our goal is to assist our educators of color with program completion, obtaining positions post-graduation, and becoming effective social justice scholars able to navigate the challenges faced by minority educators in the profession.