4+1 and Graduate Pathways

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Two Licenses. Two Degrees.

B.S.Ed. (early childhood, elementary education, teaching engineering and health and PE) + M.Ed. in special education, general education concentration

For students who are passionate about teaching and want to maximize their career opportunities within their specific discipline as well as special education. After completing your undergraduate School of Education licensure program, students can apply for our M.Ed. in Special Education, general education to complete an undergraduate and graduate program and two licensure areas in as few as five years*.

NOTE: This option is not eligible for B.S.Ed. students in our special education program as these licenses would be the same.

The online MEd in Special Education, general education concentration is available fully online or through our RTR residency program.

*Please note this is an estimated timeline for full-time students.

B.S.Ed. to Masters Pathway Options

B.S.Ed. all tracks + M.Ed. in Reading, TESOL (K-12) and TESOL (adult)

For students passionate about reading and supporting English language learners, school aged and adult, students can complete the undergraduate School of Education licensure program and then apply to our M.Ed. in Reading, TESOL (K-12 and adult concentrations) to complete an undergraduate and graduate program in as few as five years. The M.Ed. in Reading, TESOL concentrations focus on the skill sets needed to work with a diverse population of students and families where English is not a first language. This is also a good fit for students who are interested in teaching English internationally.

The online M.Ed. in Reading, TESOL concentrations are available fully online for students who want maximum flexibility for their graduate experience! Find out more about international teaching opportunities and research through our VCU National Scholarships Office.

B.S.Ed. all tracks + M.Ed. Educational Leadership, Leadership Studies Concentration

For students passionate about leadership and who are committed to cross-disciplinary learning, the M.Ed. in Educational Leadership, concentration in Leadership Studies is a perfect fit. Electives make up 50% of the program, allowing students to select interest areas across VCU from public policy to special education, social work to non-profit business. This program is built to support future education leadership who are passionate about applying a diversity of skill sets in their future careers.

B.S.Ed. all tracks + M.Ed. Curriculum and Instruction, Teaching and Learning Concentration

For students interested in enhancing existing skills and knowledge needed for contemporary classrooms, such as restorative practices, technology integration, and methods for supporting multilingual learners and students with disabilities, the M.Ed. in Curriculum and Instruction, Teaching and Learning concentration is a good fit. This flexible, cross-disciplinary program allows prospective students the opportunity to combine core curriculum and instruction courses with 12 credits of electives to build an individualized program to meet emerging needs in their specific areas of career and community development.

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