A diverse group of students in the classroom.

At the VCU School of Education, you will be appreciated for your unique background, experience and perspective.

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The VCU School of Education is committed to creating a welcoming and inclusive environment for everyone, and that’s why we teach our students to do the same in their own work environments. Inclusion is a core value for our School, and we are invested in creating accountability and learning opportunities to ensure our efforts are sustainable and community-engaged. We also celebrate diverse ways in which our faculty, staff and students demonstrate their commitment to inclusion and equity throughout the state of Virginia and beyond.

  • We updated course evaluations to include questions that assess the inclusion of social justice, diversity and equity topics throughout our undergraduate and graduate courses.
  • SOE received a Diversity Index rating of 4.00/5.00 from the VCU Organizational Culture and Climate Survey.
  • 37% of SOE graduates who teach in a public school work at a Title I school.

SOE Community Facts

Race/Ethnicity            Race/Ethnicity            Race/Ethnicity 
• 5% Asian            • 6% Asian            • 2% Asian 
• 21% Black/African American           • 10% Black/African American            • 26% Black/African American 
• 8% Hispanic/Latino           • 2% Hispanic/Latino            • 2% Hispanic/Latino 
• 2% International           • 1% International            • 1% International 
• 6% Two or more races           • 0% Two or more races           • 2% Two or more races
• 1% Other           • 0% Other           • 1% Other
• 57% White           • 81% White           • 66% White
A student enters Oliver Hall.

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