Undergraduate Requirements

The School of Education is excited to support your application to our undergraduate programs. We have a wide variety of resources within the School of Education and across VCU to help you navigate the transition into your new program.

Find Your Fit: Undergraduate Academic Programs

Review this resource page as you determine what program may fit your future professional goals. With a “Find Your Fit” chart and a program highlights timeline, we have you covered as you review your options.

Fund Your Future: Financial Aid

Learn more about how VCU’s Student Financial Management Center can assist with any questions or concerns that pop up over your four years. Connect via phone or email, in person, or using VCU’s Virtual Student Center.

Scholarship Support

The VCU School of Education offers over 20 scholarships just for undergraduate students! Some are merit- and need-based and others are based on where you want to teach after graduation. All are opportunities for help with tuition. Learn more about your options on our SOE Scholarships page.

Access to Licensure

Our VCU School of Education undergraduate programs are built to prepare students for the Virginia state licensure requirements. To learn more about our Teacher Preparation application process and information about licensure and reciprocity to other states.

Teaching for Social Justice: RTR Program

Once you’ve graduated, you have the chance to participate in the RTR (formerly the Richmond Teacher Residency program), a highly selective residency program that prepares students to make an immediate impact on classrooms in communities with high needs and hard-to-staff schools. With tuition and stipend support, students engage in a full-year immersive experience with Clinical Residency Coach mentoring throughout. Visit the RTR website.

Ready To Get Started?

Jenna Lenhardt, Ph.D.