Licensure & Reciprocity

Student Studying - Reciprocity Page

Upon completion of degree requirements in any of VCU’s educator preparation programs and with the recommendation of the School of Education, students are eligible to receive initial and advanced licensure from the Virginia Department of Education. For additional information on licensure, licensure renewal or an add-on endorsement, contact the School of Education’s Student Services Center or the Virginia Department of Education.

In Virginia, licensure requires successful completion of state-mandated tests. Passing scores on these tests are required to progress through different portions of the licensure programs from admission to teacher preparation, admission to student teaching and recommendation for licensure. For a list of testing requirements, please refer to the testing requirements page.

If you plan to be in a state other than Virginia while completing an online program at VCU, please note that state regulations in every state determine whether VCU may offer you a place in a course or program. VCU participants in the National Council of State Authorization Reciprocity Agreements (NC-SARA), which allows students from NC-SARA approved states to enroll in VCU's degree programs. All online VCU licensure programs lead to a recommendation for a Virginia educator’s license. Please also note that, as a VCU student enrolled in an online program, the university-wide policies would apply to you-in addition to policies of the School of Education.