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We welcome transfer students from community college and four-year partner institutions each year. With our team of committed faculty and staff across VCU, we want to help make the transfer process easy and seamless as you start your future VCU program. Each student transferring to VCU has a different academic background and experience. We are here to learn more about you and help connect you to resources as you become a future Ram!

Entering an Undergraduate Program

Transferring into One of Our Undergraduate Programs
We are thrilled that you are looking at our undergraduate programs as your next academic step. The VCU Transfer Center is your home for application checklists, transfer course credit equivalencies, and direct support by emailing

General Transfer Evaluation Requests
If you are not sure where to start, email We can talk through your questions and the path to transferring to VCU. We encourage you to complete a pre-review of your transcripts to see how previous credits can be applied to your program of interest at VCU, and we can connect you with our advising, transfer and licensure teams to support your next steps.

Regional Community College Central VCU Admissions Advising Days
Kimberly Chase, our VCU admissions transfer advisor, has regular visit dates for our regional community colleges. Please email her directly to schedule a time to connect with her, or email for more information.

J. Sargeant Reynolds - Parham Rd. campus
August 5, 19 and 28
Georgiadis, Suite 200
Office hours: 9:00 a.m. - 1:00 p.m.

Entering a Graduate Program

Transferring into a Non-School of Education Program with Master’s Degree Goals
Students interested in secondary teaching careers should review the M.T. concentration pre-requisite guidelines to identify a program that best fits your future career goal. For example, if you are interested in teaching English in a secondary level, you likely will want to apply to the English program at VCU. As you apply, if you have questions about what program makes sense for your future M.T. program, email to set up an appointment with our team and complete the transfer credit request form and include all unofficial transcripts from all institutions attended for our licensure team and faculty coordinator for that concentration to review options for your unique case.

Note: For students interested in any other graduate education program including special education, counseling, adult learning, or educational leadership program, we accept students across disciplines. If you have questions about a program that will help you prepare for these graduate programs, please contact us.

Completed Your Bachelors and Preparing for a Graduate Program
If you have completed your bachelor’s degree at either another institution or VCU and are looking at your pathway to teaching, we are happy to support your path! Please feel free to email with all of your past transcripts from all institutions attended with a note as to what M.T. concentration (subject area that you want to teach), you are hoping to apply. We will help you determine next steps, identify possible prerequisite courses and tests, and support you through the steps for a successful Teacher Prep application. If you are interested in our RTR residency program, please email your transcripts to for review as well.

Transfer Credits
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