RTD spotlights SOE's Career Switcher Program

VCU launches program aimed at helping career-switcher teachers

By Justin Mattingly, Richmond Times-Dispatch

July 29, 2019

From the Richmond Times-Dispatch: Adam Scott, participant in the SOE Career Switcher Program.
Scott (Times-Dispatch)

Adam Scott was tired of living in his Honda Civic, first a 2006 model named “Tuesday” for the day of the week when elections are held and then a 2010 model named “Tuesday 2.0.”

He had traveled the country working on political campaigns as a field organizer but felt the call to switch careers and follow in his mother’s footsteps and go into education — specifically as a special education teacher in a district with a large population of low-income students.

“I wanted to commit myself to being a part of the change that helps change the outcomes and the experiences for students,” said Scott, adding that he wanted to “make a difference in underserved and underprivileged communities.”

Scott enrolled in 2013 as a master’s degree student at Virginia Commonwealth University and became a teacher at Henderson Middle School in Richmond, a school where 86% of students are considered economically disadvantaged by the state.

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