Empowering the Future:
Igniting Central Virginia's Passion for STEM Careers

Keynote speaker Leland Melvin addresses addresses attendees at the first STEM Education Summit at Virginia Commonwealth University in 2019.Education and career STEM opportunities are both an equalizer and a springboard for positive change, leading us toward equitable access to enhanced quality of life for all. 

We are committed to identifying and inspiring all of our best and brightest young minds for the future STEM workforce in Central Virginia. 

Sometimes referred to as finding the missing million, we aim to create new pathways and points of entry to level the educational playing field within Central Virginia's K12 math and science learning environments. 

We are committed to nurturing students' curiosity and innovation, equipping them with the tools and skillsets to thrive and excel in the ever-evolving global economy. 

The Vision 2030 plan from the National Science Board highlights the immediate importance of having more women and people from underrepresented groups take part in the science and engineering field in the United States. 

By inspiring and preparing the young minds of Central Virginia, we are not just improving educational outcomes and college readiness; we are sowing the seeds of transformation. 

Together, we can ignite student passion to illuminate career pathways to success, driving positive change throughout our Central Virginia community and beyond.


Chief Science Officer (CSO) Program 
2024 Metro Richmond Science and Engineering Fair 
Central Virginia STEM Ecosystem 


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John Fife, Ph.D.
VCU School of Education’s Center for Innovation in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math Education (CISTEME) and Central Virginia STEM Ecosystem 

Breonne Brooks
CISTEME Project Coordinator

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