Race, Ethnicity & Education Teach-In

The School of Education’s yearly Race, Ethnicity and Education Teach-In examines race and ethnicity from a wide range of perspectives while strengthening the discussion of these tenets in our course content and outreach efforts. The annual week-long event is sponsored by the school’s Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Committee.

The 2019 Event

The 2019 Race, Ethnicity & Education Teach-In featured Ms. Leah Walker, director of the Office of Equity and Community Engagement for the Virginia Department of Education and a VCU alumna, presenting on “The MisEducation of a Black Girl Rising: Bias, Racism and Culturally Responsive Educators.” Walker shared her views on how implicit bias informs our PK-20 educational practices.

Photo Gallery – 2019 Race, Ethnicity & Education Teach-In

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