School of Education Research Colloquium

The research colloquium is an annual event sponsored by the School of Education and organized by the SOE Research and Professional Development Committee. The event, which has been held in various forms for more than 20 years, is meant to highlight faculty and doctoral student research and research-related activities. As part of the event, invited speakers and scholars of national and international renown deliver a keynote address on a related educational topic or issue of interest. The colloquium also involves faculty- and student-led presentations that highlight relevant, ongoing research activities. Previous keynote speakers and panelists include:

The 2019 Event

The 2019 Research Colloquium featured keynote speaker Dr. Kara Finnigan, a professor of educational leadership in the Warner School of Education at the University of Rochester, presenting on her book “Striving in Common: A Regional Equity Framework for Urban Schools.” The keynote was followed by a panel discussion on STEM ecosystems and what they might mean for stakeholders and the regions involved.

Photo Gallery – 2019 Research Colloquium

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Previous keynote speakers and panelists include:

2018: Dr. Jennifer Piver-Renna, Senior Executive Director for Research at the Virginia Department of Education
2017: Dr. Anthony Bryk, President, Carnegie Foundation for the Advancement of Teaching
2016: Dr. Angela Valenzuela, Professor, Department of Educational Leadership and Policy, University of Texas
2015: Dr. Marilyn Cochran-Smith, Cawthorne Professor of Teacher Education for Urban Schools, Boston College
2014: Dr. Kerryann O’Meara, Associate Professor of Higher Education, University of Maryland
2013: Dr. Jill Hamm, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill; Dr. Emilie Phillips Smith, Pennsylvania State University; Dr. Kevin Sutherland, Virginia Commonwealth University (Panel)