Foundations of Education

Dr. Jesse Senechal of the Department of Foundations of Education in a meeting in Oliver Hall.

Our mission

The Department of Foundations of Education is committed to preparing educators and scholars for critical, reflective, and responsible work in education, enhancing the knowledge base in our varied disciplines through research and scholarship, and engaging in service to the broader community.

In accordance with this mission, the department offers multi­disciplinary perspectives that are the pillars on which all programs in the School of Education are based.

The Department of Foundations of Education provides multi-disciplinary, liberal education perspectives that undergird all programs in the School of Education. Our contribution is based on the premise that the preparation of effective educational practitioners requires fundamental, deep understanding of the broader perspectives that are represented by research and theory in psychological, cultural, philosophical, historical and ethical areas of inquiry.

As such, Foundations provides an essential link between practice and theory that makes effective reflection and decision-making possible. By facilitating a rich contextual understanding of contemporary educational issues and practices, Foundations enhances the ability of educators to be reflective decision makers who make effective use of complex judgments and critical thinking. Our goal is to prepare educators for intelligent, responsible leadership in a variety of educational careers and settings for teaching, research, administration and policy-making.

Foundations also has responsibility for the Metropolitan Educational Research Consortium (MERC), a partnership between VCU and eight Richmond area school divisions that conducts and disseminates applied research.

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