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Paul J. Gerber, Ph.D.
Ruth Harris Endowed Professor

Paul J. Gerber, Ph.D., professor emeritus in Counseling and Special Education and Foundations of Education, received the inaugural Harris professorship in 2010. 

A renowned expert in the field of dyslexia, Dr. Paul Gerber dedicated much of his 38-year professional career to researching and writing about issues affecting those with learning disabilities, particularly after they leave school.

“It is both a crowning achievement and tremendous honor to be recognized for my contributions to the field of dyslexia research. This is my life’s work,” said Dr. Gerber. 

For the past 30 years, Dr. Gerber has researched and written extensively on post-school and lifespan issues for adults with learning disabilities, particularly employment. He has written numerous chapters and articles and co-authored four books in the area of adults with learning disabilities, one of which was chosen as a Top 20 Resource for Libraries by the American Library Association.


Andrew Daire, Ph.D.
Ruth Harris Endowed Professor
October 2020 to June 2023

In October 2020, Andrew Daire, Ph.D., second Ruth Harris Endowed Professor stated: 

“As the Ruth Harris Endowed Professor, I saw an opportunity to expand on only offering a Ruth Harris Lecture to a comprehensive program and programming better to serve schoolchildren with dyslexia and language learning disabilities, their parents/caregivers, and the educators that work with them. We now have an annual Ruth Harris Symposium, professional development, and learning sessions for schoolchildren, parents/caregivers, educators, and the Ruth Harris Scholars Program. This program will offer scholars additional training to prepare for success and impact with schoolchildren with dyslexia and language learning disabilities.”

In June 2023, Dr. Daire departed the VCU School of Education to become the Provost at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee