Andrew P. Daire, Ph.D., Dean & Ruth Harris Professor

Headshot of Dr. Andrew Daire, dean of the VCU School of Education.
Dean Andrew P. Daire, Ph.D.

Dean Andrew P. Daire, Ph.D., joined the VCU School of Education in 2016. Integrating an academic and clinical background in counseling and psychology with research expertise, Dr. Daire's transformative leadership approach stresses personal and professional development while inspiring faculty, staff, and students to strive toward excellence.

The Ruth Harris Fellowship was established in 2007 by Dr. and Mrs. Louis Harris for the VCU School of Education. The endowment quickly reached the Professorship and was renamed the Ruth Harris Professorship in 2010. After the Harris family foundation made recommendations to enhance the Professorship in March 2020, in October 2020 President Rao announced the appointment of Dean Andrew Daire, Ph.D., as the second Ruth Harris Professor. The family recommended this enhancement as the appointment elevates Ruth’s commitment to the highest leadership level of the school, honors her vision, and brings a renewed emphasis and attention to the field of language learning/reading disabilities with a focus on dyslexia.

“Reading gives us someplace to go when we have to stay where we are.”

- Mason Cooley, American writer