Teaching and Learning

Our mission

The Department of Teaching and Learning is committed to excelling in the initial and continuing preparation of educators for schools, government agencies, for-profit and non-profit organizations in the Commonwealth; to working with diverse groups; to modeling and encouraging critical reflection on practice; to collaborating and forming educational partnerships; to applying research and conducting scholarly endeavors that examine educational processes, issues and concerns and to providing assistance and service to local, state, regional, national and international communities.

Core values

  • Humanist orientation – we believe in the value and agency of all people and the centrality of caring relationships between teachers and learners.
  • Social justice – we believe that everyone has the right to access quality education and to be respected as a legitimate member of and contributor to educational communities.
  • Professional autonomy – we believe that educators and scholars have the responsibility to exercise professional judgment and to advocate for socially-just, humanistic ends.
  • Diversity is strength – we believe that our department is strong because its members bring different skills, expertise, professional foci (service, scholarship, and/or teaching), and perspectives to our collective endeavor. We believe that the strength and effectiveness of our department is the result of the differentiated talents of its members in regards to teaching, scholarship and service.

Our programs

The Department of Teaching and Learning offers a wide range of degree and certificate programs, sure to fit into your career goals.

Five-year extended teacher preparation program

Our innovative five-year extended teacher preparation program allows students to receive both their bachelor’s degree as well as the Master of Teaching degree simultaneously. In order to qualify for this program, your bachelor’s degree major must match your M.T. concentration (for example, those pursuing the biology concentration for the M.T. degree must major in biology for their undergraduate work).

Those entering the early and elementary education concentration must enroll in VCU’s Bachelor of Interdisciplinary Studies with a liberal studies for early and elementary education major.

Contact us

For more information about the department or our programs, please feel free to contact us at (804) 828-1305, or stop by our offices (Room 3096a in Oliver Hall).

Mailing address
VCU School of Education, Department of Teaching and Learning
Oliver Hall, Room 3096a
1015 Main Street
Richmond, VA 23284-2020