The Motivation in Context Research Lab

Lab Details1st Annual Mid-Atlantic Motivation Research Meeting

Co-Directors: Dr. Sharon K. Zumbrunn
Location: Oliver Hall, 1015 W. Main St., Room 4047, Richmond, Virginia 23220
Phone: (804) 827-2625

The VCU Motivation in Context Research Lab explores motivation, context, and their interactions spanning several themes: Antecedents of Motivation, Student Perceptions and Beliefs, Mechanisms of Change, and Fostering Success of Underrepresented Minority Students. Learn more about the lab's research and recent publications on their website.

The Motivation in Context Research Lab mission

From beliefs to mindsets, motivation research often looks at characteristics within an individual to explain learning and success. What’s missing from this perspective is context. The Motivation in Context Research Lab believes that context matters — humans simply do not feel, think, or behave in vacuums. We work with educators to understand the ways in which their beliefs, emotions and instructional practices influence student motivation, engagement and achievement.