The Women's Lifespan Development Research Lab

Lab DetailsHeadshot of Dr. Mary Hermann of the VCU School of Education.

Director: Mary A. Hermann, J.D., Ph.D
Location: Oliver Hall, 1015 W. Main St., Room 4045, Richmond, Virginia 23220
Phone: (804) 828-1332

The Women’s Lifespan Development Research Lab was established in 2019 by Dr. Mary A. Hermann. Lab faculty provide research mentorship to graduate students interested in this line of research. Research projects include studies about girls' psychosocial development, the experiences of women in college, the experiences of mothers, the experiences of women in middle adulthood, the experiences of women in late adulthood, and the experiences of working women.

The Women's Lifespan Development Research Lab mission

To promote further understanding of the experiences of girls and women and to advocate for social justice. Though the primary focus of the lab is women’s experiences, researchers also seek to advance understanding of the experiences of people across the gender spectrum.